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2021 Spring

2021 Spring Baseball Program

UFLL's 2021 Spring Baseball program is a fun and challenging, twelve week baseball-training program that begins the week of Monday January 25th and ends on Saturday April 17th.

We intend to continue to organize as much Little League baseball as guidelines allow in our community. Your registration fee covers the entire program listed below and includes a practice dri-fit shirt and hat. An additional fee may apply later should we be cleared to organize more events that include expenses such as team uniforms, umpires, additional field usage fees and additional equipment. 

Training will consist of three sections . . .

Section I  Jan 25-Feb 6  
For two weeks, all players will participate in a fun and energetic evaluation and assessment camp. Assessment camp consists of four events for 4-6 year olds and six events for 7-12 year olds. This will be a period to get back into the swing of baseball. Reviewing fundamentals and being introduced to new ones. At the end of section I, players will be allocated into divisions of Tee, Minor A, Minor AA, Minor AAA and Majors. You will receive an email on Sunday Feb 7th confirming which division your child will be participating in for the remainder of the 2021 training season.

Section II  Feb 8-Feb 20
Section II is our Spring Training! With players now in their proper divisions, players will be challenged with even more fun activities with the goal of building good character, leadership and yes, good baseball skills! Spring Training will allow them the opportunity to prove their ability to have fun and enjoy the activities of Little League baseball. Section II will provide advanced players the opportunity to prove their proficiency and mastery of the fundamentals.

During Section II, we are trying to group players together who would make a balanced team. It's VITAL for players always to do their best. Our All-Star selection committee will be looking for players who exhibit All-Star qualities in both character and baseball skills. Players exhibiting these traits will be added to our list of All Star hopefuls.

Section III  Feb 22-Apr 17
MLB Pitch, Hit & Run (Week of Mar 8) ages 7-14
MLB Junior Home Run Derby (Week of Mar 15) ages 14 and under
During this eight-week period will be organized to add as much of a regular season feel as possible (and allowable by then-current guidelines). Greater elements of fun, challenge and competition will put our players to the test. By now we will have formed smaller, stable groups with a manager, coaches and support staffers like safety coordinator and team parents. Just like during a regular season. 

***If guidelines allow us to begin games or scrimmages at any time during this twelve-week period, we will immediately begin converting over to a traditional spring season. The timing of which will dictate the additional fees mentioned above. The season would then extend until May 15th for Tee, Minor A and Minor AA. The season for Minor AAA and Majors would extend until May 30th. For Majors and All Stars, the season could extend even further as conditions allow. This could include participating in the annual district Tournament of Champions as well as District 23 All Star tournaments. Any fees associated with the extension of our season would be added to your account and become due.

Follow these steps to complete your child's spring registration:
1. Create an adult account in your name. Verify that all of your contact information is accurate and up to date.
2. Register your child in the proper age group according to the 2021 Little League Age Chart   
***Your registration will not be complete until all residency eligibility documents are confirmed and verified. This will include a birth certificate and school enrollment form. Instead of the school enrollment form, you may also choose to submit three forms that prove you reside within the UFLL boundaries.

3. Register yourself or others as a volunteer. You should register others in your household at this time. By doing so, they will receive an invitation to complete their registration by creating their own account that can also be linked to your account. This is the best way to do it. Make sure to add your spouse or additional family members at the end by entering their email and sending them an invite. You can also choose to link their account to yours after they have created their own account.
4. Follow the registration instructions carefully and make sure to add correct shirt and hat sizes. There will be a $20 fee for each additional shirt or hat that is ordered for any fitment issues. 

Ages 4-6

Season Dates: 01/25/2021 to 04/17/2021

Ages 7-8

Season Dates: 01/25/2021 to 04/17/2021

Ages 9-10

Season Dates: 01/25/2021 to 04/17/2021

Ages 11-12

Season Dates: 01/25/2021 to 04/17/2021

Age 13

Season Dates: 01/25/2021 to 04/17/2021


Season Dates: 01/25/2021 to 04/17/2021

Ages 15-16

Season Dates: 01/25/2021 to 04/17/2021

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