Snack Bar Signup Info

Snack bar volunteers should be at least 16 years old AND:

  1. obtain required online food handler training at: Sporting Events Food Safety Training; AND
  2. register as a Snack Bar Volunteer through their Blue Sombrero account; AND
  3. attend basic snack bar training with the Snack Bar Manager.
  4. self-register for shifts using Signup Genius. (only volunteers who have completed items 1-3 can sign up for shifts)

Please email: UFLL Snack Bar

All workers will be responsible for any job that is needed in the snack bar and will include: cooking all food items, assembling food items per request,  cleaning, adding orders quickly without register or calculator, counting back change quickly and accurately and fulfilling orders quickly and efficiently.  Workers should be assertive and have the ability to self-start and take initiative without continuous direction.  Workers should be sociable and able to handle multiple orders simultaneously.  In addition, workers should be able to adhere to all health and safety guidelines set forth by the County Health Department. 

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